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Prior to starting his own practice in 2007 Neil was employed by a multi-national firm. As both Design Architect and Project Architect Neil was responsible for the design of office buildings, lodging and aircraft related facilities. These buildings ranged from 5,000 SF to 200,000 SF. The project were located throughout the United States and Japan and Korea. 

As Design Lead he led multi-disciplinary teams from project concept to completion of construction drawings. He had direct interface with clients and users and led numerous design concept and review meetings. Reviewing Shop Drawings and responding to RFI's were part of the Services During Construction for which he was responsible. 

Having his own practice allows Neil the opportunity to become involved in a wide range of building types. Community projects such as the Philomath Scout Lodge provided an avenue to participate in an exciting local project and to make a significant contribution to the community. The Natural Point project will provide a new home for a local homegrown business who continues to expand its product line. 

Benton County and the surrounding area will continue to grow and Neil Richardson Architect, LLC will be ready to meet and exceed the expectations of its clients. 


Aiden came to architecture later in life, after developing public speaking, research, and counseling skills which he continues to use to this day.

While pursuing a Master of Architecture at the University of Oregon, Aiden developed a strong analytic design skill set. He used his command of a variety of 3D, 2D, Climate and Energy analysis tools to recognize and solve design problems.

Aiden brings a commitment to understanding architecture from the user's perspective. He sees architecture as a functioning habitat which supports human well-being and enhances performance.


Chris is a talented designer with exceptional expertise in 3D renderings. The projects showcased on the website are his work. He also provides 2D drawings, up to and including construction drawings. Projects have benefited from his design experience and contributions made during the Design Development process. Chris continues to be part of the team as he completes his architecture degree.