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We facilitate the design process by listening to our clients and by developing designs that are refined to best meet and exceed client expectations. Each clients needs are different. Therefore, each design is unique. Frequent client meetings and feedback are critical in the development of a design. This collaborative process results in well designed buildings that bring high client satisfaction.

It is our belief that buildings should be sensitive to the specific natural conditions, weather and history of the site. The location and form of a building should be in harmony with the site. Local materials should be used that further bring the building in harmony with its site. This approach results in buildings that are connected to the natural environment and brings a “sense of place”.

Orientation of the building should provide for natural ventilation and generous daylighting. Using the suns energy to heat water and generate power for the building are further considerations. Materials used in the building should be environmentally friendly. These considerations result in buildings that are less demanding on resources in the long term and have a “light footprint”.

Our main principles of listening to our clients, being sensitive to the site and designing buildings that have a low demand on resources results in buildings that bring delight and many years of pleasure to our clients.


Neil and his services are of the highest quality. I was searching for a new architect after having a bad experience with someone else, and I could not have been more fortunate to have found Neil. His extensive experience, attention to detail, and knowledge of building regulations and permitting is amazing. Further, the level of support that Neil provides throughout the construction process is tremendous. It is incredibly helpful and reassuring to have this support from start to finish, particularly for someone like me who is new to the building process. In addition to having the knowledge and skills to do a top-notch job, Neil had a genuine interest in making my dream achievable, yet remained cognizant of my limitations and maintained a realistic scope. From developing construction drafts based on a mere idea in my head to submitting them for permitting, the whole process was incredibly smooth and a very positive experience. I highly recommend Neil Richardson for your architectural needs!Read More

We had a vision for a home we could love and share with family and friends. Neil Richardson helped bring that vision to reality. Working long-distance, we found him to be intelligent, experienced, and creative. Of all the professionals involved, no one came close to Neil in the quality of his communication skills. He was remarkably prompt and “on it” - always. He really listens; his patience was a great asset as we translated thoughts into a practical (and affordable) home. He wasn’t judgmental about occasional lame-brain detours, but gently guided us back to pragmatism. Experience and expertise came through without ever being overbearing. Neil has high ethical standards. He stuck to his budget, and he sticks to his word. Trust is important in such an expensive and complex project; he earned ours unreservedly. This is more than just a job for Neil, he cares deeply about the outcome of his work and satisfaction of his clients.Read More

Hiring Neil as our architect was the best investment we made into our new construction project. From the beginning he has made himself available by phone, email, and text. He has been prompt with responses to any of our questions, ideas, or concerns. He is incredibly punctual; he never misses a meeting and takes every opportunity we have given him to be a part of the process. He took the time to study every detail, picture, and idea of our project so he could give us sound and practical advice as we needed. Neil has worked incredibly well with everyone involved in our project; from contractor to subs he has been willing to be involved without overstepping. His passion for what he does is contagious Neil has been organized and proactive throughout our entire project. Readily providing sound solutions to any problems or changes that come with the building process. We would strongly recommend him to our friends and family and would welcome an opportunity to work with him again!Read More

Gary and I decided we wanted Neil to design our ADU after our very first meeting. Neil was right on time, had creative and practical ideas, and we connected with his concept of a very small house that wasn't just a rectangle. His professionalism and experience gave us confidence that we were making the right choice. He listened to our needs and desires and gave good advice. Now that the design is complete, we're ready to hire our contractor and make his beautiful design a reality. We are thankful for Neil's expertise!Read More

An accomplished architect, Neil has been involved with this project since inception, assisting us with site selection, contractors and materials in addition to the plans for our house. He worked with us to determine our needs and goals for the house, and provided a number of iterations with different likely price points and advantages/disadvantages of each. His work is creative and meticulous. As a person he is patient and supportive but also has provided us with the guidance we need to save us from ourselves. We have found him to reliable, ethical, true to budget. We are happy to recommend him for any project, from a remodel to a "from the ground up" build.Read More