Neil Richardson Architecture


We facilitate the design process by listening to our clients and by developing designs that are refined to best meet and exceed client expectations. Each clients needs are different. Therefore, each design is unique. Frequent client meetings and feedback are critical in the development of a design. This collaborative process results in well designed buildings that bring high client satisfaction.

It is our belief that buildings should be sensitive to the specific natural conditions, weather and history of the site. The location and form of a building should be in harmony with the site. Local materials should be used that further bring the building in harmony with its site. This approach results in buildings that are connected to the natural environment and brings a “sense of place”.

Orientation of the building should provide for natural ventilation and generous daylighting. Using the suns energy to heat water and generate power for the building are further considerations. Materials used in the building should be environmentally friendly. These considerations result in buildings that are less demanding on resources in the long term and have a “light footprint”.

Our main principles of listening to our clients, being sensitive to the site and designing buildings that have a low demand on resources results in buildings that bring delight and many years of pleasure to our clients.


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