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Park Structure
The City of Philomath needs a new structure to replace a covered picnic area that was removed due to safety concerns. The new building will have both enclosed space and covered space. The enclosed space will accommodate 35-45 people at tables and up to 80 standing for receptions. The open space will accommodate 55-65 people at tables and will be used for family/friends gatherings.

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Commercial Remodel
The new owner of a 6,000 SF commercial building engaged our firm to update the facade of the building and revise the floor-plan to accommodate their business and provide a new location for an existing tenant. The remaining space will accommodate two additional businesses.

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Light Manufacturing Facility
This 17, 500 square foot building is the home of a Corvallis Oregon business that manufactures consumer electronics. The building is organized and sited to take advantage of an unobstructed view to the west. The building has three bays, two high bays that house the machining and assembly areas and a two-story office space.

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Philomath Scout Lodge
The 10,000 square foot Lodge will be a gathering place for the youth of the community to participate in organized group activities. It will serve as a base for outdoor exploration on the 50 acre site. The Lodge will also be available for special occasions and for use by the community.

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Beach Retreat
This 1100 SF contemporary home is sited on a steep lot with a wonderful white water ocean view. The double height main living area faces west to take full advantage of the spectacular view.

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Woodland Residence
This 3,800 square foot residence is located in a rural forested area. It sits on a north facing slope so the building was organized in an “H” to provide generous natural light to all of the spaces. The public wing has a Great Room which is modeled after the home of Will Rogers and has large wood trusses and a prominent natural stone fireplace.

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Commercial Signature Building
The developer of a 100+ acre mixed-use project asked us to design an "anchor" commercial building that will set the theme for the project. The project is located on a now closed mill site which includes a pond which will become a major feature of the development. A rustic "lodge" feel will reflect the history of the site and local community. Liberal use of heavy timber and stone along with ample natural light will create a welcoming and comfortable place for people to shop and meet friends.

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Beach House
This 4,800 square foot second home is located on a no-bank site that has a spectacular view of the Olympic Range. The residence consists of three pavilions; a center public space, a flanking space that includes a master suite with library and media room and a flanking space with two in-suite bedrooms.

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